Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vista wallpaper #06

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Personal computers are great tools to have around. They are good for work, school, and play time. However, computers can get boring quite quickly. When you have a computer at work, you are not usually allowed to do anything with them. All you are allowed to do is use them for work purposes. You can not personalize the computer in any way, which can make them seem rather boring.
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However, your home computer or your laptop computer does not have to be boring, nor does it have to be a "sterile" machine without any trace of your personality. Many people think that it is difficult to personalize a computer, but I have found that it is not that difficult to do and that it is not as time consuming as one might believe.
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The fastest, and easiest, way to personalize your computer is to download wallpaper. Wallpaper is the easiest way that I have found to personalize a computer. You can search the internet for websites that offer free wallpaper that you can download. There are many websites that offer free wallpapers for download as well as some sites that offer wallpapers that you can purchase for a small fee. A great place to look is graphics community websites. These websites specialize in all types of graphics, and are generally a great resource when finding wallpapers.
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PC wallpapers come in different sizes so before downloading, you will need to find out what your screen resolution is set to, as these are the sizes that your wallpapers will be in. Some of the more common screen resolutions that you find are 800X600, which is most commonly found on Windows XP and earlier computers, 1024X768, which is most commonly found on Windows XP and later computers, and 1280X800, which is most commonly found on Windows Vista and later computers. Knowing which screen resolution you are using on your computer will make it a lot easier to find a wallpaper to download.
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Another thing to consider when getting ready to Download Wallpaper is what your interests are. If you like sports, a sports themed wallpaper would be appropriate for your computer desktop. There are many types of wallpaper available via the internet. Everything from sports to music is available, most of them for free. Many musical artists offer wallpapers for free download on their official websites, and if you look at your favorite sports team's website, you may be able to find a wallpaper for your favorite team.
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Finding the perfect wallpaper will depend on many factors, such as your personal tastes, your interests, and what size the wallpapers you are interested in are available to download. While you do not need to Download Wallpaper in order to use or appreciate your PC, having a wallpaper that reflects you and your personality makes the experience much more enjoyable.
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