Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vista wallpaper #03

vista wallpaper
If you just installed you new Windows Vista, you're probably wondering why it doesn't have so many features that you would like. This is because when Microsoft releases an OS, it keeps in mind the average user. But to help more than average users, it makes it in such a way that it is ideal to install required programs.
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Windows Vista comes with basic software that the OS needs to operate and a little bit more. If you find this insufficient you can always download the extra features that you require. Microsoft has official launched a website for this purpose. The "Vista Download" page contains the extra features that you are looking for. It may be wallpapers, screensavers, themes, log in screens or boot screens. You can find them in the downloads section of the web page.
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There are also many independent programmers around the world who are releasing tons of thousands of applications everyday to meet your demands. Most of the time, these downloads are for free and are accessible to everyone irrespective of their geographic location. These sites can be found by searching for them on a search engine. But one thing that has to be kept in mind while downloading from such independent providers is that there is some amount of risk of getting your computer infected. But the percentage is very low. It is therefore advisable to read reviews or comments on the download of your choice before you download.
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The amount of downloads that you can find on the web can be really amaze you. There are downloads to help you increase the functionality of Vista like Feedplus for Internet Explorer 7.0 by Microsoft that lets you view feeds in a combined view and pops up new updates. You could also find lots of other things like Windows Mobile Device Center 6 (32-bit) by Microsoft that lets you sync data between your windows mobile device and Vista. You will also find, if you look around, a huge amount of wallpapers, screensavers etc that suit your requirement.
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The best part about such downloads is that most of the time they're for free. It is really advisable that you go through as many websites as possible and search. I'm sure you'll find the download of your choice or something very similar to it.
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