Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nature wallpaper #06

nature wallpapers
PC wallpaper is the image behind your working space on Windows, or other visual-based operating system, or OS. Wallpaper comes bundled with most OS, and can be manipulated to substitute a screen saver, be plain black, or tiled (identical small 'tiles' of the image cover your background), or centered (at the size of the image file) or stretched to cover your whole background/working space. Many free wallpaper are available online as well.
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While there are many different choices when it comes to wallpaper, I would argue that nature-based wallpaper pictures are the best choice for productivity and serenity. Just as studies have shown classical music aids in studying, I would put forth that backgrounds of nature can be a great way to maintain a calm atmosphere and give your working space that 'escape' feeling, even while in the office!
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Nature is a vast resource. From snow-topped mountains to lush rainforests to acrid desert climates, the still-shots that can be captured of Mother Nature are awe-inspiring. I personally love some of the pictures my father sends me when he is skiing in Norway, and often make them my nature wallpaper of the month. Other times I like to take a look at best user photos, or cycle through my own adventures in the Caribbean or Hawaii. I look forward to visiting the Sahara someday; in the meantime, I browse to find the right photograph to capture what I'm looking to visit.
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Just as working on an ocean front property can be soothing to some, nature wallpaper can be a great escape to the mountains, rivers, valley... anywhere! With newer OSs such as Windows 7, you can pick several favorites and have them automatically change at your own desired time limit. While working at the beach sounds great, being able to instantly have other environments literally a mouse click away is something everybody should know about, and use.
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Nature Wallpaper is a great choice for your desktop. With the near unlimited different wallpaper to choose from, your personal character can show from your wallpaper choice. It can remind you of that burst of fresh air you have when visiting snow-capped mountains, even if it's the summer where you really are. It could bring forth a fond memory of a paradise you've visited. It should be a direct reflection of who you are. Spruce up your desktop... now! Enjoy Mother Nature today
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