Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Are you curious as to who is home improving their homes? There are lots of people going diy or do it yourself for their home improvements. Check out some of these interesting facts learn more.
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A recent survey showed that about 49% of people in over 75 American cities had made some sort of improvement to their property in the past year. The results also pointed that it may be people living in smaller towns or cities who spend more money on their homes.
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Harrisburg, PA was rated the top city where 59% of people had started a home improvement plan in the past 12 months. The next top ranking cities where people were doing home improvements included Buffalo, NY and Toledo, OH.
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A few other cities where home improvement had been initiated by over 55% of people included Detroit and Flint, MI, Atlanta, GA, Syracuse and Rochester, NYC, Indianapolis, IN, and Cincinnati, OH.
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The people who were doing the least amount of home improvement were the residents of Honolulu, where only 37% percent of people had begun a home improvement project in the past 12 months. They were last in the city of all cities surveyed. Other large hubs where there was less work down on homes included: Fresno, CA with 40%, Las Vegas, NV with 40%, New York, NY with 48%, Chicago, IL with 46%, Miami, FL with 45%, Los Angeles, CA with 44%, Washington, DC with 44%, San Francisco, CA with 43%, and San Diego, CA with 42%.
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This would mean that there are some great chances for advertisers to in certain markets where home improvement is hot. There are also some kinds of home improvements that are being down more often than others. For instance interior painting or adding wallpaper are both popular options. Over 25% of people were doing this kind of work. Landscaping was also a popular options amongst those doing home improvement projects on their property. Other things like building a swimming pool or hot tub were less popular. Only about 2% of people surveyed said that this was something they had begun in the last year.
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Some other interesting things to note were that people who had internet in their home were also more likely to be embarking on home improvement projects. Also people show spend more money online were more likely to be start their own home improvement project.
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Another interesting fact is that of those people who chose to work on their kitchens on their own under 4% of those people hired someone else to do any of the work in their place. Those choosing to redo their kitchens were about 53% of those surveyed who were doing something to their house. Over 60% of people painted the interior themselves, put up wallpaper, did landscaping work, and redid their baths themselves. People most often paid to have a security system installed, to have their carpets redone, and to have their heat or air con modified. Get going with your own improvement today
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