Thursday, May 31, 2012

Black wallpaper #04

black wallpaper
I want zebra print wallpaper in my room! Some parents are still hearing this from their children. When a kid says this, they normally mean they want their entire room covered in zebra print wallpaper. This can prove to be a big headache for the parents, unless they can find a way to talk them down to getting just a border of zebra wallpaper in their room. Now... how to do this? Children are stubborn, and throw tantrums when they don't get their way. To convince your son or daughter that the best way to go is to get a border, you have to first convince them that it is their idea.
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Children are easily influenced, even if they are stubborn. As a parent of a child who wants their room decked out in zebra wallpaper, you probably already know this first hand. As you are talking to them about their room design, casually suggest that they go with an African plains theme, perhaps with a mural on their wall with zebras and antelope and any other wild African animals they may like. Take them to the hardware store and browse through zebra print wallpapers. Is your daughter a girly girl who happens to like zebras? Show her a pink and purple zebra print wallpaper pattern. Show her an entire roll of it, and how bright it is. Tell her to close her eyes after looking at it, and try to relax. She will see that the bright pattern does not allow her to relax, which will help persuade her that a border is a better idea than having the entire room wallpapered with it. Or perhaps your son wants the traditional black and white zebra print on his walls. Do the same thing with him; he will see the same thing.
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Convincing your child who wants zebra wallpaper in their room that it needs to be used in moderation will save you a huge headache. Walking into a room fully decked out in black and white or pink and purple zebra patterns would be very stressful, to both you and your child. Let your child know that using a little is ok, as it can be incorporated into just about any room theme. If they have asked for zebra print wallpaper, odds are, they want a zebra print room. This can be done without giving anyone any headaches, if you plan carefully.
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